The Editors – Tommy Anderson

Cowboy Photographer Black on White

Hi, I’m Tommy Anderson . . . A former hose puller from the Midwest . . . now a Horseman and photographer in southern California!


I Graduated from High School in Sun Prairie, WI (Madison). I immediately joined the Army and was stationed in the US during the Vietnam War (ERA) and was a crew member on a UH-1H Helicopter. I continued in the Army National Guard until I transferred into the USAF National Guard and rose to the rank of Deputy Fire Chief with USAF Crash Rescue.  I retired from the military in May 1993.

When I got out of the army I went to school and took police science. I thought I wanted to be a police officer. But watching the TV Series Emergency made me feel that firefighting and EMS was my true calling.  And it was. Although in January 1973 I was hired as a part-time Deputy Sheriff in DaneCountyWisconsin, I was soon hired as a full time firefighter for the Town of Blooming Grove. I was also a police dispatcher for the City of Madison PD and in October 1977 I began my career with the City of Madison Fire Department where I remained until I retired in 2005. I served many positions on the department but retired as a Firefighter/Medic/Engineer.

Early in high school I started working with black and white photography.  I pursed this hobby early in my military career and it grew from there. I took numerous photography classes in college and even for a while on the fire department I had my own dark room. I went to college on the GI Bill and later with a FEMA Grant. I got an AD in Fire Science, BS in Fire Engineering, and a MA in Public Administration.

CWP Ranch Photo Shoot 01-05-13 155

I left Madison, Wisconsin in 2010 and relocated to Southern California where I created Time Passages Photography and Art, LLC and Tommy Anderson Photography. I met the love of my life shortly after moving to the Los Angeles area. We are now married and she is my right hand person/partner and has a great artistic eye herself. She helps me with my artistic creativity as well as the technical aspect of the types of subjects and settings I use in this art field. I believe a lot of my eye for my art comes from my family roots which are Scot-Irish, Swiss, and Native American.

Some of my first published photos were in 1990 with the East Coast Firefighters Magazine. In more recent times my photography has been published in Fire Engineering, Appleton Press, Air Force Times, Vietnam Veterans of America Magazine, Animal Miracle Foundation, and Families of Active Military to name a few. I have also won several awards.

I am also the Director of Media and Marketing at Cowboy West Productions in Norco, CA just outside of the Los Angeles area. Cowboy West Productions is an Event Planning and Entertainment Company.

Cowboy West Photo Shoot Dec 17, 12 283 Profile

Some of my photographic assignments have been with the USMC – Camp Pendleton, Richard Nixon Presidential Library, Los Angeles Dodgers, County of Riverside, California, City of Corona, California, John Elway Toyota, Outlaw off shore racing team, to name a few.

With my business partner Cindy Nunn (Cindy Nunn Photography) we established C&T Publishing and founded Eye on Fine Art Photography monthly magazine.  In that capacity we both serve as Editor in Chief of the magazine.


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