The Editors – Cindy Nunn


Cindy is a native of Southern California, who has also lived in Arizona and Newcastle upon Tyne, England, finally returning to her hometown in California in 2008.

She is co-Owner of C&T Publications, and an editorial director of Eye On Fine Art Photography magazine, along with Tom Anderson.

Although she has had a life-long interest in photography, with experience in darkroom film development since the age of 15 due to being raised in the traditional printing industry, fine art photography is a fairly new endeavor for her. Refusing to be tied down by one specialty area, she prefers to let her mood and location determine her inspirations.

She is also the published author of two books on the historic living ghost town of Randsburg, one of which is a photographic coffee table book. They are available here and here She is currently working on three other non-fiction books.

Cindy has been featured twice in ‘Under the Hat’ magazine In the May 2013 edition her bridal image titled Committed was featured, and in October 2013 her self-portrait titled Coquette was featured.

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Always drawn to things outside the norm Cindy formed a paranormal investigations team while living England, which soon branched out into an international team with branches in the United States. She and her UK team were featured on the BBC television show “Inside Out” and also received media attention from local newspapers. Her team was the first to officially conduct an investigation at a former prisoner of war camp in England. She also has an intense aversion to clowns, dolls and Teletubbies.

Cindy finds Pennywise2

It should not come as a surprise that Cindy also likes to show her slightly eccentric and wacky side in her photography. She enjoys creating themed sets, especially of the Old West and Victorian eras, but she also has a love for the outdoors, as is frequently displayed in her photography.

Cindy_rock Cindy_Grafitti Resting_softHunkered_Down_1slide_5



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