REVOLUTIONS & Eye on Fine Art Photography Updates

Hey Everyone, thought it was time for some updates since we have been pretty quiet since the last issue of REVOLUTIONS came out.

First, please send Tommy your “get well” wishes. He has just returned home after 10 days in the hospital, and to be brutally frank there were a couple of times when we thought he wasn’t going to pull through. He has had a rough ride with a spinal fusion deteriorating and his lung collapsing, and is in need of a well-deserved break.

So, at the moment Cindy and Colin and dealing with the magazines. The next issue of REVOLUTIONS will probably be published before Eye on Fine Art Photography, which is being held up because we are still in need of an artist/photographer to represent the State of North Dakota, for our 50 States of Art issue. So, if you know anyone who fits the bill, please send them our way. They need to live in North Dakota, but there photograph or piece of art can be of anything and does not have to be related in any way to North Dakota.