Are you READY……

red curtain-pulled-back by hand for the launch of REVOLUTIONS??? 

At exactly midnight Cindy finished the final edit of REVOLUTIONS. It has not been easy, folks. So many interesting people wished to be included that we had to work quite a bit of magic, but it all finally came together.

So, sometime on April 24th the premiere issue of REVOLUTIONS will be available for purchase. Just keep watching for the official release notice.

This is going to be a HUGE issue, jam packed full of everything a gear-head or connoisseur of engine powered or wheel propelled vehicles could want. Just bear in mind that this issue is equal to three issues and at this time is published quarterly.

Did we mention the women? Oh yes, there will be women. Gorgeous women of all ages, from the Girl Next Door to the Sexy Siren! You will be able to feast your eyes on the incredible works of Sean Earley, Jeff Thrower, James O. Thompson, Maynard Ellis, and many others!



In our humble opinion the Table of Contents is quite impressive!


Pg. 25 – Affordable Car Ownership

Pg. 59 – Eight Car Safety Features that Could Save Your Life

Pg. 50 – What the Color ofYour Car Says About You

Pg. 12 – New Laws Emerge as Technology Impacts Cars and Driving


Pg. 14 – Union Pacific Big Boy 4041

PG. 154 – Model Trains: Toys for the Big Boys

Pg. 66 – Three Thrilling North American Train Journeys

Pg. 34 – County of Los Angeles Fire Museum

Pg. 61 – Electroliner Runs Again


Pg. 36 _ WonderCon Anaheim 2014

Pg. 149 _ Long Beach Comic Con



PG. 1 – One on One with Steve Saleen

Pg. 5 – Mustangs Across America

Pg. 68 – A Tale of Two Knights

Pg. 28 – Crossroads Car Show at the Benedict Castle Concours

Pg. 100 – Its About Time! – Martin Sanchez & His Back to the Future Delorean

Pg. 135 – Getting My Kicks on Route 66

Pg. 127 _ Blasts from the Past

Pg. 117 – Frank Mayes: Three Wheeled Car

Pg. 78 _ Women & Wheels

Pg. 55 – Hollywood Christmas Parade with Star Car Central

Pg. 115 – 2014 Temecula Rod Run

Pg. 44 – Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour With George Barris & Jeff Dunham

Pg. 109 – 21-50 to headquarters

Pg. 41 _ Jurassic Jeep

Pg. 20 – Nate Truman: The Man Behind Star Cars


Pg. 16 – Red Tail Encounter: Lt. Colonel Robert Friend

Pg. 145 – On Long Range Bomber Escort

Pg. 51 – Staff Sgt. Sidney Zimman & The Air Battle Over Rabaul

Pg. 106 – Chasing Reno Gold

Pg. 74 – FlyGirl Painter Shayne Meder

Pg. 123 _ Riverside Air Show

Pg. 121 – Wings of Freedom Tour


As you can see, there is something for everybody, whether your passion is trains, planes, automobiles, comics, etc…