September Issues – REVOLUTIONS & Eye on Fine Art Photography

The September issues of REVOLUTIONS and Eye on Fine Art Photography are currently in the works. They will most likely be published a bit later than normal, but we are working hard to get them out as soon as possible. At this time look for a September 10th release. We apologize for this inconvenience  but due to Tommy landing in the hospital with what was suspected to be a heart attack, and Cindy having to cut short her vacation in Arizona with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren due to her own medical emergency, things have kind of fallen behind schedule. But we shall persevere and get the magazines out for our faithful readers 🙂

The September issue of Eye on Fine Art Photography has a desert theme, so expect to see lots of fantastic photos of desert landscape, ghost towns, etc…

REVOLUTIONS will bring you more excellent shots of cars, trucks, planes and, of course, lovely women, with some interesting articles thrown in 😉

Both magazines will be promoted with publishers of other well-known and popular magazines, which means those who have submitted or won contests will get some great exposure!

Cindy & Tommy