Magazines Update

ID-100267624Good morning, everyone. It has been a while since we have provided an update or news.  At the moment we have two issues in the works for release in August, the Eye on Fine Art Photography issue themed around The Urban Landscape, and REVOLUTIONS magazine.

As many of you know, Tommy was scheduled to have surgery, but due to the extreme limitations this would cause over a 6 month period he has decided to forego it for now. Cindy is still struggling with progressive muscle damage due to a doctor prescribed medication, which is seriously slowing her down now that it is progressing into her arms, shoulders and hands. So please, bear with us if the magazines are again a few days late in release.

Recently we made changes in hard copy distribution in an effort to provide lower prices to our readers. Unfortunately Peecho has turned out to be even more expensive, with the purchase cost of a single color magazine going as high as $45! This steep price means that even the magazine owners cannot afford copies of our own product, so we most certainly cannot ask our readers to pay this extortionate price. So, it is back to the drawing board. Cindy will be re-evaluating MagCloud/Blurb, as well as a few other possibilities.

We are always on the look-out for article content interns, so if you like to turn your hand to writing just shoot us an email or post on our Facebook page.


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