June Cover 11a

The June 2014 issue of Eye on Fine Art Photography magazine is now available!

To purchase a PRINT copy, please go to: Print

To purchase a DIGITAL copy please go here: buy

We have also been very busy with additions and changes to the website and our services. We now offer the following:

A Message Forum: This is a good place to go if you want to discuss future issue ideas, submit content, or just chat about the magazine. You can join by going here: http://ctpubs.forumotion.com/forum

We also offer low priced ad space, with discounted prices for artists & photographers. You can find that info here: http://ctpublications.com/advertise.html

If you would like to subscribe to digital issues at a substantial discount please go here: http://ctpublications.com/store.html

We have also launched a Zazzle store, which we are still building, but you can access what we currently have available: http://www.zazzle.com/ctpublishing


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