Vegas Survived… BARELY!

10359184_10203896690839499_1064499294_oWe are happy to report that Las Vegas (barely!) survived the arrival of Tommy, Alan and Brian. We are also relieved to report that no complaints of corruption, harassment, or dancing naked on tables in a drunken state have landed in my email box from the residents of Las Vegas. 😉

The next issue of REVOLUTIONS will be filled with content from the adventures of Tommy, Alan and Brian, along with fantastic photos of cool cars and gorgeous women. I know the guys will be seriously in need of some downtime to recover from their long weekend, so in the meantime here are a few photos of their terribly stressful workload while they were in Vegas. I am sure it has been one of the most difficult assignments they have had to deal with, but they came through it like troopers! LOL!



10320488_10203910735597433_4904322495791938746_n 10334355_589355167845487_8064110338301012685_n 10295166_10203920101951586_4979576356525320621_o 10257807_589357604511910_7192529659948077666_o 10153157_10203919984868659_5895073689362614617_n 1969394_10203904158393007_2724862053347545270_n 10401446_10203920112471849_5629434410096133323_n 10373776_10203920092351346_7218671447437853147_n 10365737_589650281149309_3107604690270565173_n 10355472_589229127858091_1621810293582735561_o 10351448_589355121178825_6507579736088299115_n 10338864_10203914127122219_8539385669159674613_n


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