Changes on the Way


For the past few days Cindy has been incorporating a store on the website, which will enable us to sell content directly, including digital versions of Eye on Fine Art Photography and REVOLUTIONS magazines. Hard copy issues are nice, but when Magcloud sells a copy for nearly $30.00 each and we, as the creators and publishers, make only $2.97 per sale, something is seriously in need of adjustment. This morning Cindy received an email from Magcloud which only further reinforced this decision to break away from their services. Within the next few weeks Magcloud will be switching their service over to Blurb. Cindy’s own personal experience in using Blurb as a publishing service has taught her that publishing hard copy through them will be even more expensive than Magcloud, and this would not be a good fit for our magazine or our readers.

So, even though we had decided to keep the Magcloud service open for those who preferred hard copy, this change-over to Blurb pretty much sounds the death knell on this option, at least until we can contract with a regular brick and mortar printing company.

Since we are talking about changes we may as well address a few other changes being implemented immediately. In the past we provided free digital copies of the magazines to those who submitted content, allowed an interview, or invited us to an event. As much as we would like to continue with such generosity we have come to the conclusion that being nice and generous does not pay the bills or help to build a decent profit. Had we been given as much mutual promotion as we generously provided to others we may have seen a healthier profit, but there seems to be a lack of quid pro quo going on here. We are happy to provide a copy of an article or feature, but from this moment on a free copy of the magazine will no longer be offered.

Our staff of writers and designers WILL continue to receive free copies. These people give generously of their time and talent to help make our magazines interesting, informative and entertaining. They have truly earned the right to free copies, and we are very appreciative and grateful of the valuable help they provide.

The store portion of the website is still under construction, but it should be done within the next day or so.

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