March Issue – Coming Soon!

ID-100154660We have been very quiet this month, but trust me, it has not been due to inactivity or lack of something to say. We have actually been insanely busy this month, and with it being a short month we have had to keep to a tight deadline in order to get the magazine out on time. This has highlighted some very good advice we have recently been given by publishing industry experts, who recommend that we no longer date our monthly magazines, but instead offer them under issue and volume numbers. We will be utilizing this advice starting in April. So, instead of putting out an April 2014 issue it will be labeled as Issue 1, Volume 4. We will also be re-labeling earlier issues of the magazine to reflect this new style.

We are anticipating releasing the current issue within the next three days, so keep watching for the notification. This is going to be another big issue full of fantastic photography and interesting articles.  Here is the line-up of articles…

A Tale of Two Knights – Matthew Hunter and Richard Morey with their Knight Rider K.I.T.T. cars

An Antarctica Love Affair – Our feature & travel writer Amanda Stadther shares her travels to Antarctica.

Union Pacific Big Boy 4041 – Tommy visits with a legend in locomotive history

Experiencing the Wilderness of the California Coast – Our feature writer Shree Mani visits the Big Sur region.

English Thatched Cottages – Our feature & travel writer Carla Parris takes us on a tour of charming thatched cottages.

Solving the Mystery of “French Marguerite Roberts” – Cindy takes us on a search to find the real identity of a mining town madam.

How to Take Great Family Photos

Josefa Segovia: A Tale of Tragedy & Travesty – Cindy brings us the sad tale of Josefa Segovia, the first woman to be lynched in the United States because she dared to protect herself from her attacker.

A Look at the Kimono Robe Across Time

Logan Mill Lodge: A Re-Creation of History – Tommy tells us about a great place to stay if you are in the Westby area of Wisconsin.

In Search of the Real Mad Hatter – Cindy reveals the Mad Hatter of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” books.

Mad Hatters & Crazy Chapeaux Contest Winners

Mad As A March Hare – Cindy explores another Lewis Carroll character and the history behind it.

March Madness Contest Winners

Photo Manipulation 101 – Our feature writer Maynard Ellis offers expert advice on photo manipulation techniques.

Women Who Broke Barriers & Bones: Honoring the Women of the Original Roller Derby – Jim Fitzpatrick, former professional skater for the San Francisco Bay Bombers, gives us an inside look at some of the greatest women of roller derby history.

Planes of Fame: Staff Sgt. Sidney Zimman and the Air Raid Over Rabaul – Cindy and Colin share coverage of the Planes of Fame event honoring Sidney Zimman, retired Marine dive bomber gunner on an SBD-Dauntless.

Winners of the For the Love of Tools contest

Snowflake Ski Jumping Competitions in Westby, Wisconsin – Tommy covers this popular winter event

Winners of the Winter Sports contest

Winners of the National Women’s History Month contest

and more!

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