Welcome to our Newest Additions!

ID-10099747We are very proud to announce the addition of Amanda Stadther and Maynard Ellis to our team of writers!

Amanda is originally from New Zealand, and now lives in Minnesota. Maynard is from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

From Amanda’s bio:

Journalist, CERT First Responder, sometimes aimless…often terrified traveler, wildlife photographer, Antarctic explorer, rabbit peep, news junkie and New Zealander living the American dream…

I specialize in unique photography from remote corners of the earth including the Antarctic Continent and the wild West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.
In the galleries are images of penguins, turquoise blue icebergs, rain forests and colorful birds native only to New Zealand, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.
I have also spent many years traveling and photographing the wild animals of Africa, the people of remote India and my new home..Minnesota.

From Maynard’s bio:

I have had a love of digital art for a long time now and have been honing my skills over many years.

I use a variety of 2D and 3D computer applications to create mixed media digital artworks and digital fine art Photographic retouched images.

My artistic styles and themes vary greatly as I experiment with different genres and images that inspire me.

In recent times I have been focussing my energies on producing fine art to hang on walls, whether this be photo realistic 3D or more abstract digital painted images.

I am actively learning more about the wonderful world of using my Canon DSLR and hope to have more fine art photographic based mixed media works throughout the coming year, although my main inspiration will continue to be working with 3D models and environments.

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