Coming Up In Future Issues

Coming up in future issues….

March – Matthew Hunter and his 1998 TransAM Kitt 2000 and Richard Morey and his 2008 Shelby Knight GT500 KITT 3000. Westby Ski Jump competition and also the Sweetpea Ranch. Scot Fest on the Queen Mary.
April – Gary Goltz, 1955 Highway Patrol Car
May – Linda Peterson and her Rosco Dukes of Hazard Squad Car. Wings and Rotors Air Museum in French Valley haunted USMC H-34 Seahorse Helicopter from Vietnam.
June – Tyler Williams and his Smokey and the Bandit 1977 TransAM
October – Martin Sanchez and his 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine

Also planned is a story on Shayne Meder (Flygirl Painter), Shayne retired from the USAF and is an accomplished artist. She does most of the military nose art for active and museum military aircraft across the country. She goes all over the US to do these. If you watch a military news report etc and see the artwork on an aircraft she has probably done it.


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