Gotcha! – The Real Face Of “The Parrot Pimp”

Hahaha! Love this! Every photographer knows this feeling.

Don Charisma

It’s not often that Don Charisma the critic get’s let out. So a change from my normal pace, well more of a slight diversion really. I’ve seen a lot of bad-behaviour in my life, and I don’t as a consequence tend to “suffer fools gladly”.

A little while back I met this guy on the street, “The Parrot Pimp”. I wanted to take a photo of him and his parrot to show you guys on the blog. I reckoned he looked like a cool guy and his parrot is very colourful. I approached him and asked him politely if he “wouldn’t mind if I took a photo of him and his parrot”.

Before I could get a word in edgeways he went into a “schpeel” about how his parrot would sit on my shoulder and on my head etc. I could care less, that’s not what I asked him. He…

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