Dream World Toys – For Kids of All Ages!

Cindy, our slightly eccentric tattooed editor / reporter was recently invited to cover the One Year Anniversary celebration of Dream World Toys in Simi Valley at their newest location in the Simi Town Center Mall. While there she had the pleasure of meeting and photographing such movie/comic/cartoon greats as John M. Fasano, who produced  the movies Tombstone and Darkness Falls, cartoonist Scott Shaw! (The Flintstones, The Simpsons, Sonic the Hedgehog), Bill Morrison (Disney, Futurama, The Simpsons, Roswell), Tone Rodriguez (The Simpsons, Futurama, as well as episodes of Dexter, Numb3rs and E-Ring) and Scott Rogers (Shooting Star Comics, Bedbug). You can read more about it in the January 2014 issue of Eye on Fine Art Photography magazine.

Bill_Morrison John_Fasano Scott_Rogers Scott_Shaw Tone_Rodriquez

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